The Whole TRUTH!!!

I'm a young girl, and real life is easy for me, just not in the real life. I don't understand a lot of things, but what I do understand really doesn't make sense to any other people. But that's just real life though. Some things don't have to be.

To the Struggles and the Dummies

So, right now is a big process, I mean with the coronavirus and all. If I had a choice, I would be at school right now doing work, mainly because I'm a nerd, but that's okay. The coronavirus is a really big deal, I know a couple people who were diagnosed. I would stay inside where it is save. The virus is really no joke. To the dummies who went out for spring break, you are so stupid you probably sit on the television and watch the couch, you are probably so stupid that you probably don't understand that joke, you are probably so stupid that you probably can't even read that, probably over there using the wrong they're. 

It's All My Fault, I guess

Is it my fault? Did I do what it was that you said? Was it me? I don't know, maybe. When I was little my mom died from breast cancer, lots of people I guess blamed me. I was about six years old. How do you get blamed for something you early knew about? I'm 17 now and still don't really understand death, let alone cancer. The first person to tell me about "my fault" was my sister, she blamed me for everything; my mom, making a mess, the reason why her kids were doing bad in school and/or at home. My life from 6-years-old to the 3rd grade was full of blame mostly by my sister. I hate my sister because of the blame and the pain she put me through, but the funny thing is that I love her kids, I basically raised them. If I were the reason for them failing, then that hurts my heart, but I know I'm not the one to blame, my sister is. Not their dad. Not their grandparents. And certainty not me. So, I blame my sister for the reason my oldest niece smokes at 15 because I know she didn't get that from me. I blame my sister for the reason why my youngest niece will grow up without a mom or a big sister or even an older girl to look up to for advice when she gets her menstruum or about any female acts she needs help understanding because I know if she was my daughter she would have the world and more. And I blame my sister for the reason why my nephew is not going to be so close to his dad because she kicked him out, not me.

I'm Sorry Boys and Girl

I love people, preferably elderly people. they have so many stories to share and most of them know how to take my weird and annoying jokes. On the other hand, I also hate people, some of them are so annoying; I already annoy myself and don't need another me in my face. Do you feel what I'm saying? I am a girl, but girls get on my nerves the most; I only have like 6 friends that are girls. and I love guy, to be completely honest if I were a male, I'd be gay because I love the male species so much. I'm not an MRA though, nor am I a feminist. I think to pick sides is a hard choice, not just because I'm young and clueless, but because I was raised to not really have a side to choose, just have one choice. so, I am Switzerland. all neutral.